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In 2015, Flywheel Sports redesigned their brand and I helped bring their product vision to life across all their digital, print and physical products with their branding agency Siegel + Gale.



Create a product that makes it intuitive for new users to sign up for their classes.

Align all designs with marketing initiatives. 



Product Design - Designed primary UX directions for Siegel + Gale to bring across to all screens. 

Visual Design - Updated to the new design system across all platforms, and created guideline for new designers to follow. 

Art Direction - Worked with the CMO to approve all the new designs and photography from agencies and contractors during the re-brand.


Homepage at a Glance

We placed a high emphasis on differentiating Flywheel Sports from Flywheel the taxi company and SoulCycle. We open the homepage with who we are and what we do and immediately give a call to action (CTA) for signing up for a free first class.

The outcome we were aiming for is new clients signing up for the first free ride. The CTA is repeated four different times during key points on the homepage. At no point in the homepage flow do you not have our primary CTA available to click.

This was based on our hypothesis that after a first free ride, a user was more likely to continue with a reduced price package and then finally convert to a full paying customer.


Sign Up & Booking

We used cookies to track location and populate a map with all the studios near you. Sign-up only asks for four pieces of basic information. From there, one more click leads you to view schedules and book a class.

It was a priority for us to make a sign-up flow that allows for booking within three clicks from any page.


The App

We hypothesized that more and more people will be booking and signing up from mobile in the future so we wanted to build a great product foundation.

We utilized the same principal of 3 taps away from booking a class from any point in the app.


Fly Anywhere Bike

We came out with an At-Home initiative to curtail the disruption in the market place by Peleton.

But being reactionary isn’t the best way to grow your product. In this case, we came out with a bike sans tablet where clients can take either Flywheel or FlyBarre classes anytime.


Visual Design

Flywheel designs utilize white space, impactful text, and warm photography.