Aine Zhou

About Aine /├Žni/: Designing for every life point of a company. Seed-Growth.


Product Designer at Sequoia Design Lab


Senior Designer at Prophet Consulting



Sequoia Capital : Product Toolkit

Product Design & Framework Toolkit

January - March 2019

Creating a set of product flows for seed product teams to hit the ground running.

Password protected due to NDA


Sequoia Capital : Wonolo Personas

Persona & Product Experience Framework

July - August 2018

I designed a user story matrix for a gig-working platform to help them understand the different types of people that use their product.

Password protected due to NDA


Artwalk App

Product Design & UX/UI Prototyping

September 2018 - April 2019

Building an engaged and vibrant arts community around the world.


PNC Bank: Loan Hub

Product Design, User Research, & Prototyping

April - June 2018

Scoped & built an information sharing platform MVP for borrowers and PNC stakeholders during the lending process.

Password protected due to NDA


Flywheel Sports

Product & Communication Design

October 2015 - June 2016

Streamlined Flywheel Sports digital platform, app, and products to reflect their user conversion strategy.


Interactive Immersive Experiences

Art & Design

Past - Present

I build and code interactive immersive experiences, bridging the world of technology, art, and architecture.

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