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In 2015, Flywheel Sports redesigned their brand with Siegel + Gale, and I helped bring their vision to life across all their digital, print and physical products.



Help Siegel + Gale create a seamless digital product that makes it intuitive for customers to use to sign up for their classes. Make sure all visual designs align with marketing goals. 




UX/UI Design - Designed primary UX/UI directions for Siegel + Gale to bring across all screens. 

Art Direction - Worked with the CMO to approve all the new designs and photography during the re-brand.

Visual Design - Utilized the new design system across all platforms, and created branding guideline for designers to follow. 


Homepage at a Glance

We placed a high emphasis on differentiating Flywheel Sports from Flywheel the taxi company and SoulCycle. We open with who we are and what we do.  

The conversion we were going for is for new clients to sign up for the first free ride. That call to action is repeated three times during key points on the homepage.


Sign Up

We use cookies to track location and populate a map with all the studios near you. One click to view schedule and book a class.


The App

Designed the interface that shows upcoming classes and overall performance statistics.


Visual Design

Flywheel designs utilize white space, impactful text, and warm photography.