Bring Fintech to Heritage Banking

Business loan processes are stuck in the dark ages with communication done purely in-bank. We redesigned PNC Bank’s business loan portal to reduce unnecessary in- person bureaucracy, giving business owners and operators time back to focus on what really matters — their customers and business.


Senior Designer, scoped and designed a core product for PNC Pinacle’s sister hub, Loan Management.

Bring PNC digital products in-line with current Fintech industry standards. PNC Bank is one of the largest and oldest banks in the United States. Founded in the 1800’s, PNC Bank currently has over $200 billion in outstanding loans.


The Starting Point…

The wire frames handed to us lacked clarity and focus on the core functionalities. However, the main focus of clarity around loans and their progress through the PNC system is outlined here.

Working backwards from our client’s wireframes, we decided to go back to the drawing board and gain a better understanding of the features user want and need. A user flow helps us scoped out the portal experience, documenting each challenge to get a sense of possible solutions

Mapping out the experience also helped the team visualize where we should focus our efforts, and designate what our core product functionalities should be.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 13.02.12.png

Based on our user journey map I created wireframes to quickly iterate core flows we would need to create for the service to exist. These primary elements were:

1) Ability to securely exchange information (documents, digital forms, etc.) with clients/prospects.

2) Display status of loan request / portfolio management action and provide insight into next steps for clients/prospects

We needed to reaffirm to clients why processes and actions need to happen, confirm completion of tasks, and show status of tasks when in progress.

I experimented with different information buckets to test if I should prioritize customization or links to access to loan support. Because of how much information I needed to convey, iterating in wireframes gave me a chance to shake out these questions.


Testing Prototypes

Once we settled on tentative core flow, we tested to see if we:

1) Set expectations up front of what the portal experience will entail, and how it can help make the lending process easy and efficient for the users.

2) Let users know what documents they need to send, and any tasks they need to do up front, so they can be assured their lending process is moving along.

3) Show users where they are in the lending process, and give them a clear idea of what steps they can expect next.

4) Give the users opportunities and tools to organize their documents so they can see them in a customized view.


Core Product

Taking our learnings from the prototype testings we were able to make a more confident decision regarding some functions of our loan portal.

Ultimately we delivered a high fidelity designs for both desktop and mobile, sketch files, and Zeplin specs to the PNC Bank team. PNC Bank is currently in the process of accessing engineering needs in order to ship.

(Select screens shown…)

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PNC Page.png
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